Finding places where you can work peacefully, and that also offer free high-speed internet, is a miracle on this side of the planet. These are the basic needs of freelancers who want to do their work outside of their home environment for a change.

Good thing we got your back on this. Here are 6 places that offer great internet.

#1: Espresso Lab

This one is a coffee shop and a really cool place equipped with ipads to help you study, work or even chill with your friends. In my opinion, you can’t really get anything better than this!

Location: Point 90 and Waterway in New Cairo.

#2: AlMaqarr Coworking space 

Other than the great weekly sessions they hold for different organizations, they do have a pretty convenient place for working. The environment there is work friendly, and you’ll be amazed by the amount of work you can get done at their place.

Location: Heliopolis.

#3: Diwan Bookstore

This is not just your ordinary bookstore where you buy books, stationery and then leave. You get the chance to sit there in their coworking areas, work on your projects and when you are bored, get a chance to read some of their books.

Location: Heliopolis, Maadi and many more around Cairo. 

#4: Sufi Bookstore

Other than offering books for sale, they do have a nice quiet area for working and studying. In addition to this, snacks and drinks are being served.

Location: Zamalek.

#5: Starbucks

You won’t just be getting your favorite cup of coffee, but you’ll also have the best work experience. What is better than working while having this amazing captivating smell of coffee all over the place. For any coffee addict, this is the place to go.

Location: Literally everywhere in Cairo. 

#6: Mandela Coworking Space 

What makes this coworking space amazing is that it has an outdoor area for studying/working and it is very well equipped. You’ll be able to order from your favorite fast food chain, work on your projects and even enjoy your breaks with their PlayStation booth.

Location: Nasr City.

Enjoy your work time!