Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Yes, we know this may sound debatable for you and everything but it truly is.

You’ll never know the amount of joy you can get hanging out with friends as you ignore all your responsibilities on a weekday.

You’ll never know, that is, until you visit these perfect brunch spots.

Cafelluca Boat

Dinner by the Nile sounds amazing, but you know what sounds better? Brunch!

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During mid-day, while everyone’s busy and you have some time off, take your buddies down to Cafelluca and take a tour around the Nile as you brunch. You won’t regret it.


Heliopolis’s quaint charm doesn’t become more apparent than when you’re brunching in the cozy café that is Marlyn’s.


This one’s a Zayed classic and for good reason. With good reviews, better coffee, and the best seating, Qahwa is a nice little escape from the reality outside.

Origo Kaffee

Although Zamalek possesses a wealth of quaint little spots, Origo is one of the best hidden cafés on the island. Their coffee is to die for and so are their sandwiches.

Il Mulino

When in doubt, classic it out with Il Mulino’s vintage Italian style. Whichever branch your legs take you to, you’ll be sure to count on gorging yourself on the best parts of little Italy Cairo will give you.


We know nothing can replace hopeful nostalgia, but Biota, located in Left Bank’s old spot, is only trying to give us more memories.

With a menu that makes sure we step right into the culture, we can’t say brunch is going to be the least bit boring there.

A good break is always a break with a good atmosphere, don’t you forget.