By: Lamiss Medhat El-Fayoumi

Our lives have become so stressful that we often feel the need to pause and run away from it all in search for serenity and peace of mind. Fortunately for us, Egypt is full of amazing places that can restore our tranquility and give us a much needed break from the city’s hustle and bustle. Let’s take a look.

1- The White Desert

credits egypttoursplus

Such a unique desert made of white sand with a total area of 3100 square kilometers, a place which is shrouded with tranquility and adventures, The White Desert is 45 KM away from Farafra Oasis.

The desert contains many formations formed as a result of sand storms in the region. The White Desert is characterized by a temperate and mild climate, where people enjoy the entertainment of safari and camping in the middle of the desert.

2- The Blue Hole


A huge and deep hole located in “Dahab”. Colored in blue and caused by nature as a result of falling comets in the area, with time, The Blue Hole became the main destination for diving.

3- Wadi Degla Protectorate

Located near the Maadi district in Cairo, Wadi Degla Protectorate is only a 20 minute drive from the city center.

It is a place that suits all family members and friends to relax in the heart of nature, in addition to enjoying barbecues, hiking or mountain biking.

4- Ras Shitan

credits maganacamp

Located in Nuweiba, Sinai, Ras Shitan is one of the important diving places in the Red Sea. You can enjoy accommodation in simple Bedouin camps. During your visit to Devil’s Head/Ras Shitan, you can enjoy a lot of activities such as relaxing on the beach, climbing rocky hills or taking a cruise to enjoy the sight of hard coral reefs, octopus, puffer fish, lunar dragons and anemones of all shapes and colors.

5- Medoura Mountain


Medoura Mountain, located in Fayoum, is a high plateau in the form of a circle that corresponds to three hills, resembling the pyramids. It boasts a beautiful view of the Magic Lake below.

6- Wadi Al Jamal


Wadi Al Jamal is one of the charming reserves in the southern Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. It is a reserve which has environmental and aesthetic characteristics, such as the existence of rare species of trees, palms and geological formations filled with precious metals such as emeralds, ornamental stones, feldspar, quartz, lead, manganese and gold. Wadi Al Jamal is characterized by various types of entertainment such as swimming and diving.

Egypt is full of treasures and amazing places, never waste an opportunity to chill out!