banque misr

When it comes to advertising, should the medium or the message be decided first? The smartest media planners will say the medium should be the message, and that’s what Banque Misr did in their latest Ramadan ad. It’s a brilliant inspirational ad that delivers value, emotional involvement and a call to action, which renders it the best ad in the banking sector so far. Here is a round down of what we loved about the ad:

#1 The Message Behind the Ad… 

banque misr

What a beautiful motivational message that urges to never give up on your dreams, or give in to pressure from people around you. With some ambition, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

#2 Esseily & Adaweya 

Such a great combo! The two of them are exceptional at what they do, so when they joined forces and united their voices, the result was simply incredible.

#3 ‘Enta Te2dar’ Song Is Just Beautiful…

The music is astounding and full of life, but let’s just pause on the lyrics and how they hit the right notes, how they reflect what most dreamers are suffering from, which bring us to the next point…

#4 Anyone Can Relate to this Message 

Like the ad shows, being a dreamer knows no age, gender or job. The message targets everyone with a dream; a sporty, a singer, a drummer, a runner, a tailor. The wings of your dreams can carry you to anywhere you want.

#5 How Talaat Harb Symbolises Positivity 

banque misr

The ad is all about pursuing your ambitions, advocating that there is no impossible. The fact that Talaat Harb symbolises all that just charges you with energy and hope and makes you want to take action.

#6 The Graphics 

We should also pause on that one and admire the ad’s brilliant graphics with their lively colours, clouding you with a dose of positive energy and drawing a smile on your face.

When the medium is the message, the results are bound to be incredible.