We are happy and proud Egyptians this year. After missing out on the big games for so long, 28 years to be precise, we feel honored to take part in the World Cup once again. Now that we are ready for our first match tomorrow, participating is one thing and scoring goals is another thing all together. We need to win! And winning requires at least one goal.

Here are 6 reasons why we need to score that goal that will turn our worlds around.

#1: To Kill Ramos

Of course, this one goal wouldn’t kill Ramos in any way, but it will get us one step closer to playing Spain in the round of 16 if we managed to come second in our group and Spain managed to top theirs. Then and only then, will we be able to kill him in many ways. We will definitely kill his ego!!!

#2: To Not Disappoint Millions of Egyptians

If we never scored a goal, Egyptians would feel a bit disappointed. Of course, we don’t mean to add pressure to our national team. We just want them to know how important this one goal is.

#3: So That All the Marketing Efforts, Ads or Songs Wouldn’t Go to Waste

Brands, entities and even singers spent lots of time, money and energy working on ads, campaigns and songs for the World Cup. We can all see the excitement through their work, and if we didn’t at least score a goal, then all of this effort would probably go to waste.

#4: To Make History and Make People Happy

It would be really great if our team managed to score high and make history globally, just like they always do regionally. Scoring this goal will be a starting point.

#5: You Don’t Want to be ‘THAT’ Team

Let’s face it, the team that doesn’t score any goals whatsoever would be the laughing stock of the world. And no team wants to be that team no matter how bad they play. So please God let us not be that team.


We saved the best for last! Of course because of Magdy Abd El Ghany! We feel like we’ve been cursed rather than blessed with Abd El Ghany’s goal because all he manages to do is take that goal against us and remind us every second of the way of how great that goal was. Please let his era end!

These are some of the many reasons why we want to score that goal so badly, apart from wanting it for our national team. Our national team deserves the euphoric feelings teams get once they score a goal. We are so happy, proud and excited!