Ever put on a suit? If you have, then you’ve probably wondered why is it that people seem to treat you so much better when you’re sporting one. Well, allow me to tell you how suits are good like that.

1- They might not like me, but they damn sure will respect me

If you take your time and invest your efforts into dressing sharp, you will undoubtedly send a positive image about yourself to the people who surround your daily life.

It shows you have self-respect, which will and I repeat will, earn you respect from those around you.

Put on a suit and let people give you the respect you deserve.

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2- “I believe him; I mean he’s wearing a suit”

Dressing sharp shows that you’ve got your life together; it earns you a certain level of maturity. A young man in a well tailored suit just radiates an “I know what I’m doing and where I’m going” aura, and believe me, you will like to start dressing like that more often. Your chances of actually getting where you want will increase noticeably.


3- Women love men in uniform

I don’t need to tell you about the effect of a suit on the ladies. Women love men in uniform. A man in a suit is one who has the capability to take control of whatever situation he may befall, and if history has taught us anything, it’s that women want a man who can be in charge and take wheel of this messed up ride we call life. Don’t believe me; just put on a suit and see if it doesn’t change the perception of the woman you’re pursuing.


4- Don’t mind me; I’m feeling myself a little bit

Confidence is everything homie! Like I can’t stress enough how important confidence is in a young man’s life. Confidence is the difference between the girl you settle for and the girl of your dreams, the difference between the 9 to 5 job that you put up with for the pay cheque and the job which you’re willingly waking up early for because you enjoy doing it. Think of it as an iPhone that’s running on low battery (low confidence) and you need to charge; let the suit be your Apple charger.giphy (2)

5- Dress good, feel good

Building on my last point regarding confidence, if you dress well and become aware of it, confidence automatically plays its part and you’ll feel as if you’re indestructible. An incredible Kanye complex takes over you, and oh, what a feeling!


If you feel like you’re lacking those extra charismatic points whether it be with a loved one, your boss or at home, then bro, you need a well tailored suit, one that fits well and looks debonair from a far and even more debonair when up close. People need to know that you’re a Harvey Specter in the making (upcoming ‘Suits’ reference).