Written by: Salma Hanno

Black Friday takes place in the US on the day following Thanksgiving. Almost all shops make reductions on their prices starting from 20% up to 70% and 80%. It is recorded as the busiest shopping day in the history of the US ever since 2005.

Here are some reasons why you should neither go to Egyptian malls or hypermarkets on Black Friday:

1- Some shops put up signs of “50% SALE” on their windows which sounds very enticing for shoppers. People go to the shop to find out that only a few goodies are included in this presumed sale. Most other products are just NEW ARRIVALS, so it’s only natural that they are not part of the sale.

2- Other shops just take advantage of the day. They don’t make any reductions in their prices in the first place, but anxious shoppers don’t actually recognize it. They push and shove each other just to pass the gates of famous branded shops such as Zara, Pull and Bear, Bershka and Stradivarius. The policy of these shops is usually “e7na ma3amlnash sale bas maraf3nash el as3ar w sebnaha zay ma heya.”

3- A few days before Black Friday, most shops in Egypt raise their prices, almost doubling them. On Black Friday, they just reduce the doubled prices back to the original ones, deceiving clueless shoppers into believing that this is a great offer.

4- All malls and hypermarkets are insanely crowded. There’s practically no place to move out through the crowd; it’s as if all products are being distributed for free on Black Friday.

5- Other shops refuse to call this day BLACK Friday. They believe it’s religiously 7ARAM, so they call it WHITE FRIDAY.

6- Most of the shops make offers such as “Buy one with its original price and get the 2nd for a 20% off”, “Buy 2 and get 40% off on the 3rd.”

Egyptian shops tend to convince shoppers that they shouldn’t miss out on all their great offers and sales. Truth is, people are being brainwashed and falling into the trap of buying things they don’t need just because of the so-called huge sales.