The new blockbuster “Mn 30 Sana” hitting our big screens this Eid has already got us all bouncing in our seats since we noticed its billboards on the street, and its trailer on TV. The movie combines a huge ensemble cast who are all very close to the Egyptian audience’s heart, but that isn’t the only reason why you should book a ticket and go watch it.

Below are 6 reasons why you shouldn’t miss “Mn 30 Sana”:

1. You will have a look at the mind-blowing mobiles the stars used and showed off throughout the film! You won’t be disappointed! They are all Huawei phones.

( Mervat Amin is making a video call using a Huawie P9 Plus)
2. Most of the scenes are shot in London! Since movies are the cheapest way to travel, and we would all love to travel this Eid, let’s go to the Big Smoke with this movie.

Stars of mn 30 sana london selfie
Stars of mn 30 sana london selfie

3. All of the cast including Ahmed El Sa2a, Jameela Awad, Sherif Mounir & Soliman Eid showed up and surprised the audience at the movie premiere in Al-Masah Hotel last night. We kept an eye at the seat next to us hoping we might find Sa2a eating popcorn. Many thanks to you Huawei for arranging that!

mn 30 sana premiere

4. Last night, Jamila Awad and the rest of the cast took a selfie with the audience. That’s no surprise since Huawei offered the whole cast a P9 phone, and its camera is too spectacular for them not to use on the spot.

mn 30 sana efteta7

5. The movie is written by the brilliant Ayman Bahgat Amar and directed by the expert Amr Arafa. Enough said!

Ayman bahgat amar & amr arafa

6. In the last couple of years, this is the first blockbuster to be released in our cinemas. We definitely missed that.

mn 30 sana

So we strongly recommend that you go watch the movie really soon!