relationship goals

Passing through some Facebook posts and tweets recently, I’ve realized that most people are building very shallow ideas about all relationship goals nowadays. What they don’t know is that relationship goals are much more than a fancy gift on Valentine’s Day, a seductive look of admiration in front of the camera, or sweet meaningless words in a movie scene.

The following points are examples of long-term relationship goals that people should actually aspire to:

  • Building everything together from A to Z


It’s really frustrating how people choose their partners nowadays. They go for the most sexy/wealthiest person out there. Can it get any shallower! A real relationship is the one that we stand with one another to build everything together from our first till last breath. Partners who share joy, pain, success, failure, gain ,and loss until they are connected with a hard unbreakable bond that will never ever get loose, no matter what. Standing beside the love of your life contemplating how far you’ve both reached together and proudly saying “we did it!” is the real win.

  • Staying faithful no matter what

Affectionate mid adult couple in winter wear laughing while embracing. Horizontal shot.

Beauty will fade, and money will come and go. You will meet prettier women, and you will meet more interesting men. But the question, is will you go after them? Or will you still be fully satisfied with the person you’re with now? I don’t want a relationship based on attraction, because attraction doesn’t stay. Love, commitment, and faithfulness are the relationship’s pillars.

  • A non-breakable backbone


Being your support and rescuer every time you need them is all that counts. If he helps you with the kids, and shares the household chores with you whenever he can, then, he really cares. If she encourages you to pursue your dream, even if it means the burden on her shoulder will increase and tell you she’ll be fine with that, then, she’s your backup. Being each other’s backbone helps the love to grow.

  • Keeping the arguments and little fights alive


Yes, you read it right! How this can be a relationship goal? Let me tell you! Some studies show that most breakups are because of the miscommunication that evolves as time passes. One of the most common mistakes that couples make is to hold in their feelings. Bottled-up emotions have the potential to swell into much larger problems. A relationship is about two people who share their lives together; so, what is sharing without having a conversation flowing? Arguing and fighting are signs of a healthy relationship. Silence is a relationship killer.

  • A persistent caring for one another


How do you feel when you watch two old couples holding hands to cross the streets? How do you feel when your grandpa tells you to speak quietly because your granny’s sleeping? When I get old, I want someone to still believe that I’m beautiful when my hair turns grey. I want someone to tell me “don’t worry I’m always here for you” in my darkest days. That’s what a true powerful relationship seems to me.

  • Keeping the spark glowing

playing dumb

One of the main goals in any relationship is to make sure that love will never fade away. No matter how old you get, acting silly together should always be your favorite part. Being with someone who thinks age is just a number, and will always have fun sharing their crazy moments with you, is what keeps love alive!