It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t fancy romantic comedies. They take you to another world where happy endings are still possible, well, most of the time anyway. They’re fun to follow and you usually end up getting a good laugh. Some of them are watched and forgotten, but others leave a mark in our hearts forever. Here are 6 Rom-coms that will always be everyone’s favorite:

1-El Sellem Wel Te3ban

It would be fair to claim that I couldn’t find a single person who doesn’t like this one! Every little detail about this movie is amazing; the presence of Ahmed Helmy was a huge success factor. You can never get bored of watching this movie over and over and over again; the soundtrack gives one a chill every single time.


2-My Bestfriend’s Wedding

A lot of people could easily relate to this one in so many ways: falling in love with your best friend, realizing that you love someone when it’s too late and the unavoidable heart break!! What makes it really touching is that it doesn’t end in the expected and unrealistic happy ending like most rom-coms do, but it still leaves you with a smile on your face, tears in your eyes and the song “I Sing a Little Prayer For You” in your ears!!

My Best Friends Wedding 1997

3-Tayeh fe Amrika

True, Khaled El Nabawy gave us a stare throughout the whole movie, but overall it’s still an unforgettable one. It’s light, romantic and dramatic with a happy ending.


4-Pretty Woman

Although we made several Egyptian versions of this movie but they never measured up to the real one. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere were perfect together; the unreality of the story gave it an edge.


5-short w fanela we cap

It was the first appearance for the extremely beautiful and gorgeous actress, Nour, and that was an enough wow on its own. However, the story was interesting, the acting was good and the song was a big hit!!


6-You’ve Got Mail

Back then, the whole internet thing was still new and fresh. Having two neighbors, who hate each other, fall in love when they just got the chance to talk to each other through e-mail was extremely romantic and realistic. After all, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are natural romantics!!