Ramadan has its own aura, and most people like to be part of that aura. Most people want to feel the Ramadan vibes and send them as well. They want to do that through home decorations, Iftar gatherings and even wardrobe and accessories that say ‘Ramadan is here’.

Here is a list of accessories that will help you get that amazing Ramadanian look.

#1: Jude Benhalim (Roundabout Set)

The set of choker, earrings, ring, and bracelet is to die for. They totally transform the look, even if you are wearing basic clothes. This set is inspired by the city roundabouts where it has Arabic calligraphy that translates to ‘In my heart a city that only you reside’, how amazing is this?

#2: Sandbox (Travelling Speck Earrings)

For some reason, this pair looks A LOT like Ramadan. It is all handmade silver, with an amazing shine. It is designed to match all outfits and all hairstyles.

#3: Cords (Fierte Chocker)

Since chockers are becoming trendy again, these babies will give you all the glam that you need. It is available in both black and burgundy. Beautiful is how it makes you feel.

#4: LALA (La Reine Set)

This is a local brand that helped turn gold into a trend. Their ‘La Reine Earrings’ and ‘La Reine Necklace’ are very iconic, beautiful, chic and inspiring. These earrings are made out of brass with 2 coats of yellow gold, where there is a pearl embedded, in addition to having this coin as an original coin applique.

This pair of earrings will make you feel like an Egyptian queen.

#5: Jude Benhalim (Crescent Earrings)

Ramadan is all about crescents and moons, and this pair sums it up. They are totally the statement of any outfit in both their green and purple colors. All girls will be having their eyes on your new earrings set.

#6: Okhtein 

You got to have a statement bag that makes you look 10 times more beautiful. It’s their mini dome black gold bag that will do all this magic. It is available in more than one color in either gold or silver. Totally amazing. You fall in love with it the moment you see it.

Treat yourself with some items from this list, and get Ramadan ready!