Not everyone is fair and square about his/her true feelings towards others. Sometimes, we need to read between the lines to know how people perceive us.

Some might think that figuring out if someone likes you or not is a complex tangled deal, though in fact, it could be as easy as ABC.

Just like you read the road signs, in a matter of a thirty minute conversation, you should be able to tell if someone likes you or not by reading some signs they unconsciously send you. So let’s catch someone napping:

1. Tilting Of The Head


This one is the easiest and clearest in the book. When we listen to information that appeals to us, our heads become tilted.

It’s very common that someone takes this gesture when you talk about an interesting topic. If someone kept taking it while listening to you, especially if you were talking about yourself, then know for sure that he/she is interested in you.


2. A Straight Back


Ever noticed that when you feel good, confident or interested in something your back tends to straighten and you seem to stand tall? On the other hand, when you feel down, got cold feet or become bored, your back becomes curved?

It’s not a passing-by matter; the spinal cord is one of the most powerful indicators of our moods. If someone liked you, you will notice his/her back becoming straight as soon as you arrive or while you are near as a result of their elevated mood.


3. Scratching The Nose (Bad sign!)

When a negative situation occurs (Such as seeing someone you don’t like), the blood capillaries in your nose contract and thus you will feel like wanting to scratch it.

The good news is, this negative gesture can have a positive significance. For example, if someone touched his nose upon knowing that you’re seeing someone else then this negative move actually had a positive meaning, which is that this person likes you.


4. The True Smile


The fact that smiling is a sign of attraction is incorrect, seeing that it could simply be a fake or a courteous smile.

But true smiles are a sign that you don’t want to miss; the clearest difference that can be noticed between a fake smile and a real smile is the movement of the muscles surrounding the eyes. When someone smiles from the heart, their smile doesn’t only move the lips but extends to move many other facial muscles. You should notice some wrinkles in the skin around his/her eyes.

A true smile is earned only when a person likes you.


5. Looking At You After Saying Something:


For example, if someone likes you, they will look at you with a smile on their face right after they say something funny. It’s as if this person is telling you, “Hey, I am trying to make you laugh; did you like it?” And if you did smile back, he/she will be grinning like a cheshire cat.


6. Repeats Your Name More Often:  

Watch out for the number of times this person calls your name and compare it to the number of times he/she calls others by their name. If this person likes you, you will notice that he/she used your name more than the average.

Beware. Some people are shy, so this sign will be reversed. He/she will avoid using your name on every occasion, so don’t be fooled. This may also mean that this person likes you pal.

Keep an eye for these signs, but know that the presence of certain signs is always an indicator of the presence of certain emotions. The absence of the signs, however, don’t always reflect the absence of the emotions. This is how body language works folks.