Chameleon's Coworking Space rooftop
Working in the same space for too long will cause you mind block. It depends on your character too of course, but a change of scenery is almost always a good idea. Working outside the office will also allow you to work with friends. It’s nice to have your friends around you whilst working, because they will inspire you to be exactly who you are and thus your work will truly be authentic. Here are 7 working spaces that will allow your creative juices to flow!

1- Room Art Space & Café

Room Artspace

Address: 10 Etehaad Al Mohamin Al Arab Street, Garden City.

Room is a small and cozy art space and cafe that hosts a multitude of events. From dance classes, yoga classes to music and theatre workshops, music concerts, film screenings and panels and talks. They are known for their chilling atmosphere and delicious menu that includes amazing coffee and food. The ambience at room is brimming with soul and creativity that you will be motivated and enthusiastic to work.

2- Falak

Falak Cafe/Library

Address: 7 Gamal El Din Abou El Mahasen Street, Garden City, Ground Floor.

Working hours: 10:00AM – 12:00AM

Falak is a hybrid between a library and a café; it’s located in a quiet area in Garden City and the atmosphere of the place itself is serene. Individuals are completely free to lose all touch with the outside world and immerse themselves in work or study. The quiet little haven offers a lot of artistic displays, handmade crafts as well as books.

3- Diwan

diwan zamalek

Address: 26 July St, Zamalek or Abu Bakr El Sedik Street, Heliopolis and more.

All branches of Diwan dedicate a part of the bookshop to serve as a cozy setting for those who want to read, study or work in peace. Soothing music will be playing in the background and you will be surrounded by tons of tempting books. There is a small station with hot drinks and snacks. Two words: Creativity-maker!

4- Madaar


Address: 2 Street 11, Sarayat El Maadi.

Working hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Madaar is a relaxing, artsy culture centre suitable for anyone looking for an outdoor space to study or work. Maadi is a quiet place so the open space is not much of an issue regarding noise. In contrast, it’s even quieter than most of the indoor spaces in bustling areas. They have study corners and work spaces, but not just limited to that. They also host live music and offer music and photography lessons.


Woork Hub

Address: 73 Abou Dawoud Al Zaheri, Nasr City.

Woork Hub is the best of ALL worlds. It combines the energy and social effect of a coffee shop with the productiveness and professionalism of a work space. It’s affordable with excellent Wi-Fi and coffee. They offer you free kitchen use, free entertainment room access including Playstation & XBOX and private places where you can work. Meeting rooms are available upon request. You have the option of paying day by day or becoming a member with your own personal working space.

6- Chameleon Coworking

Chameleon Coworking

Address: 109 El Banafseg 6, First Settlement, Near El Rehab, New Cairo.

Working hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Chameleon is a comfortable and professional space where you can work or study rather than at home, at a cafe or at the office. Their mission is to gather individuals with different ideas and knowledge and let them collaborate in order to create something outstanding. Expect a reliable setting for any type of work; you can opt for an outdoor setting or an indoor setting. It’s a versatile space that is also perfect for movie nights and gathering with your friends.

7- Creativo Coworking Space


Address: 10 Hussein Wassef Street, 3rd floor, Midan El Misaha, Dokki

Working hours: 9:00AM – 11:30PM

As apparent from it’s name, Creativo is a creative coworking space where you can either work in peace or prepare for finals in their studying area. They also offer you session, workshop, conference and meeting rooms. Creativo’s environment is friendly and comfortable and you’ll be surrounded by a lot of like-minded people whom you will be able to collaborate with on different projects.

Try stepping out of the confined working space you go to everyday and see what happens!