It’s well known that we Egyptians love to celebrate every single occasion, especially when it involves food. But for feast it’s different, despite the name it’s never only about food. We have specific happy traditions when it comes to Eid el Fetr, and hopefully they are traditions that we never stop doing.

-Lebs el 3eid

show off

Back in time when we were kids it usually was the highlight of the Eid for both young and old. Everyone got to proudly show off their new threads. Unfortunately now, you rarely find an old person who still buys new clothes for the feast, but luckily most of the kids still get new clothes.

-Eid Prayer and Chants

eid prayer

Usually everyone stay up all night waiting for the Eid prayer., And if you did manage to sleep you get to be woken up to people chanting their way to mosques. Many people pray in their club and it’s a chance to meet up with all your childhood friends that you haven’t seen for so long. Others pray at the mosque near their house and also get to socialize with their neighbors. At Eid prayer, sweets, balloons and toys get distributed to kids creating lots of priceless happy tiny faces.

-Kahk Craze


You feel like you’re surrounded by Kahk and petit four everywhere. You are usually given a box full of Kahk at work as a gift, and then as soon as you get home you usually find your parents bought some Kahk already, then you start receiving homemade Kahk from your neighbours and friends. You get invited to your relatives for lunch and again there’s Kahk. It gets frightening. From plain Kahk to Kahk Bel Malban, it’s literally everywhere. You couldn’t get away from it if you wanted to! Eid ends and the Kahk still remain for ages! Let alone, women infinite and precise discussions about which Kahk tastes better and why.

-The huge breakfast


You finally get to eat in the morning after a long month of fasting, so there has to be food for days to make up for it! This breakfast usually is full of all kinds of food (and there will definitely be a sneaky plate of Kahk). Whether you go breakfasting with your friends or family, it’s always one of the best meals you get to have for the whole Eid.


It’s the best part of the feast, especially for the youngsters. It’s the time of year where you literally collect money from everyone; uncles, aunts, parents, and sometimes siblings too, however, usually you get the fattest envelopes from your grandparents. This best part becomes a curse when you grow up and it’s your turn to give out 3edeya.

-Men selling balloons and tarateer in every street


Especially the rice-filled balloons, the loud noise-makers, and all the other weird random things that the kids love. It wouldn’t be Eid without them.