When all the noise fades away from our busy lives, the one thing that truly matters, the one thing we aspire for the most, is our pursuit of happiness. Happiness is anything between being pleasantly content with your life, to the intense joys we allow ourselves to feel and celebrating life. The best thing about being happy – or reaching as close as possible to that goal – is that we don’t worry ourselves about many things. Below are 6 things happy people don’t care for or worry about, that we should all stop caring about too:


It’s really hard to ignore the fact that money runs the world today. Most of our decisions and ambitions are motivated by finances and many still hold the belief that money can buy you happiness – a notion that we’ve long established isn’t true. Happy people don’t care about the money in their bank accounts, because happiness is a state of mind that knows no monetary bounds.


In a world where appearances are becoming people’s priority concern, the way we look, or the way we are perceived holds far too much importance. Buying a new car, throwing the most lavish dinner party, or wearing the most expensive gown, means nothing to a person who is truly happy. The exterior is inferior.

Societal Norms

A truly happy person recognizes that what our society tells us isn’t important, and simply listens to their instincts in terms of what makes them happy. They follow their dreams – regardless of what society shouts at them, because more often than not, these norms are designed to curb our happiness.

What Other People Are Doing

With the growth of social media, we’re exposed to all the fun things everyone around us is doing, all the new items they’re buying, all the new places they’re visiting – but a happy person knows not to compare and knows that THEIR happiness is very different from, and not mutually exclusive to, other people’s lives.

The Opinions of Others

Many times, we are told “you can’t do this” or “this isn’t good enough”, but those negative comments don’t bring down a truly happy person, who knows that the true power of their happiness lies far beyond the heresy.

What the Future Holds

Most young people today have anxieties about what the future holds, and where their lives will be in the coming years – but worrying about the future really does more harm than good. A happy person is content about the place they’re in at the moment, and aren’t worried about where they are going. They aren’t plagued with the Must-Be-Successful Syndrome because they realize that happiness is the biggest success of life.

Happiness doesn’t have an expiration date, and no matter how old you are, where you are in life, or what you’re doing right now, never stop pursuing your happiness. Detox the bad and embrace the positive.