We are about to bid our goodbyes to Ramadan, so it is about time to make up our mind about which ad ranked high on our ‘Favourite ads this year’ list, and which ranked low. The factors that determine whether an ad is successful or not are many, and luckily a big share of them exist in Talaat Moustafa’s ad this year. That’s why the ad belongs in our list. Here is a round down of what we loved about it:

1. The Song

First things first. When a jingle or a tune keeps playing in the audience’s mind, that’s major success for its creators. The ad delivers a truly earworm song that captured everyone’s attention.

2. The Picturesque Views

Whether it’s the alluring view of the Nile, the fascinating Red Sea or any of the many arresting scenery that the vantage points of Talaat Moustafa projects provide, you will end up with a smile on your face at how beautiful Egypt is.

3. The Positive Vibes 

The ad radiates with positivity and happy contagious vibes.

4. It Puts You In A Good Mood For Summer 

Jumping in the pool, chilling by the beach, taking a trip on a yacht …the ad brought us summer with all its adventurous activities on screen. It really gets you ready for this summer.

5. Nancy Agram’s Voice…

Talk about positivity. Nancy Agram can really charge you with a high dose of positivity through her heavenly voice; you can’t help but sing along with her.

6. The Message Behind The Ad 

True we are used to the portrayals of family and friends in advertisement, but we couldn’t help but admire how they emphasized that it’s not about the place, it’s all about the people you love. They create happiness wherever you are, and fill your life with happy memories with them.

Do you agree with our reasons? Tell us what you think of the ad.