single people

One can’t deny that the wedding/engagement season is one of the hardest periods for single people. Yes, single life is amazing, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we too think about tying the knot every now and then.

Here are some of the thoughts that come to our minds when all our friends are tying the knot.

#1: We are definitely happy for you, but *sometimes* jealous of you.

Of course, we are very happy for you. We are happy that you found this one person whom you love, cherish, care for and feel happy with. We are happy that you both are taking this huge step and making things official. But we sometimes feel jealous of what you both have found. Not in a ‘We hope you die and before that break up’ kind of way. But, in ‘You are so lucky you finally found him/her’ kind of way.

#2: We wonder whether we’ll be in your shoes, ever

We start wondering whether we’ll ever be in your shoes and whether we’ll meet this person any time soon. Yes, it only takes one person to make it happen, but why isn’t anything happening for us too? Sometimes it gets really hard that we start losing hope. We’d start doubting ourselves, our qualities and even our whole existence.

#3: The ‘I don’t want to end up alone’ thoughts

This thought comes at a very low level of self-esteem, where we’ve hit rock bottom and actually think that we will end up all alone. We’d start overthinking the fact that we are single and haven’t been meeting anyone lately and that soon we’ll be on our deathbed with no one to care for us.

#4: Can they set us up?

Here is when we start thinking about the positive side of you getting into something serious because now there is a pretty good chance of you guys setting us up. If you dont’t do this, then are you really true friends?

#5: Will we ever feel left out, because we are single?

This thought keeps recurring especially when most of our friends are married/engaged/in a relationship. We start feeling left out when all you talk about is your relationship with your significant other or that time you both went on a date or that huge fight with your mother in law.

Yes, it is nice to hear all about your relationship, but sometimes we need to feel like the world doesn’t revolve around relationships. Because if it did, then we are definitely doomed.

#6: The ‘Am I not good enough’ kind of thoughts

Unfortunately, we, human beings tend to overthink every single detail and try to find reasons for why every single thing is happening the way it is. So when all of our friends are in a relationship and we are just single, we start doubting our self-worth. We start wondering whether we’re not good enough or whether we are not pretty enough, funny enough and the list can go on and on.


Yes, single life is harder and the fear of the unknown is even harder. But don’t you ever let this level of negativity affect you. Don’t let those negative thoughts sink in.

Try to think it through and you’ll be fine. You’ll find the right person at the right time because it only takes one person for it to happen. And remember to never doubt yourself.