6th sense

We all agree that our Egyptian mums are our superheroines because they technically do whatever it takes to keep us safe and sound. But that is not the only reason why they are super superheroines. It is because of their 6th sense that we know nothing about!

Every mum has this built-in sixth sense where she can predict the future and here are some examples to prove that:

#1: When She Tells You that Your Friend Isn’t Really a Good Person

Mums spot these a mile away as if it is the smell of burnt bread! They know when your friend is just fake and wants nothing but a masla7a. When your mum makes this comment, then run my dear because she is most probably correct!

#2: When She Says ‘I am Sure I’ll Be able to Find What is Missing’

She is not really trying to threaten you in any way, she knows the location of every single thing in this world! So remember this pair of socks that has been missing for two months or that red lipstick that you misplaced? If you just go and ask her, she’ll probably find it in about 45 seconds. Let’s bet on this, use a stopwatch and see the magic!

#3: The Famous ‘Don’t Go Out or Else’ Moment

You’ve got to really have a death wish if you go out after she told you not to! If mums say no to an outing, trip or even buying a stupid thing, then believe me you should accept the rejection or else you are doomed… I remember one time I went out even though my mum didn’t agree and it was the worst day of my life up until this very moment!

#4: When She Says ‘It is Cold Outside, Don’t Forget Your Jacket’

Even though your weather application is working just fine and is saying that it will be sunny all day with about 28 degrees, your mum is still more accurate than your stupid weather forecast. Mums sense weather changes before they even happen. So if she says it is going to rain, then believe me it will rain even if it says super sunny weather of 45 degrees.

#5: When She Says ‘You Won’t Like the Taste of This’

Maybe that is a wild guess she is making, but my mum is never wrong in this department. So she is eating this amazing looking dessert and I insist on tasting it, but she keeps on saying you’ll hate it. I then taste it and I look at her wondering how she knew beforehand. It’s their 6th sense I tell you!!!

#6: When She Warns You about This Mysterious Guy

You’d be casually talking about this new guy you met in an outing last week. You’d tell her about his mysterious looks and the weird conversation you two had. Then she suddenly leaves a comment, that literally came out of nowhere, about how he is not the right one for you. A couple of months later you know that she was so damn right. MAGICAL!!

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, but our mums do have super powers. Without these, we’d be totally lost!