Beautiful young woman shopping over internet.

Have you ever went online, put 1000$ worth of items in your shopping cart, stared at it for a few minutes (maybe also shed a few tears) then closed the tab? Yeah, I’ve been there. Here are a few tips that will help you actually check out these items next time you decide to shop online:

1. Compare the price of the item you’re buying on different websites

There are some websites that actually do this for you so you can save some time instead of going on every single website that holds your item. These include, and

shopping 2

2. Compare the cost of shipping

Also compare the costs of shipping since some websites offer free shipping and handling while others charge more for shipping than for the actual items you’re buying.


3. Read reviews

Read reviews  on the item; you could find an item that is very similar to what you’re looking for with the same features and quality at a lower price. Also read reviews on the website you’re purchasing from in order to make sure it’s legit and not just a scam. Hold out for people’s comments on the sizing and quality to find the perfect item for you.


4. Keep in mind that you will probably have to pay more for Egyptian customs.

This is different from the cost of shipping and handling so try and estimate how much that will be and add it to your cost to see if it’s worth it.

shopping 1

5. Read the fit the model in the picture is wearing and look at the sizing guide.

This will help you compare your body type to hers and figure out where the garment reaches length wise or where the hem and neckline are. Also make sure to look at the sizing guide because some websites mess up the size conversions between countries especially if it’s small, medium, large.

shopping 4

6. Look out for offer codes and student discounts

Websites are always offering student discounts or coupon codes during holidays and special occasions that they sometimes don’t publicize on their website, so google discount codes and keep an eye out on their social media.

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