Halfway through Ramadan, we’re not sure how we are going to survive trying to both work and fast. We feel sluggish, weak, and cranky from the moment we open our eyes, get to work, and somehow push ourselves through the workday without any help from our usual cravings, whether they are coffee, cigarettes, or chocolate. The easy answer is to slack at your work, but that doesn’t match with what Islam teaches us, which is that work is actually worshipping. So get your head in the game and surprise everyone with how on top of everything you are this Ramadan. You don’t have to sacrifice being the go-getter you usually are just because you are fasting. Here are six tips that will help you stay alert, focused, and productive at work this Ramadan.

1. Hydrating

Make sure you drink enough water between Iftar and Sohour, so your body is replenished with water. Especially since Ramadan is still falling in the midst of summer so you need more water for your body to stay hydrated. Don’t fall into the bad habit of forgetting to drink throughout the whole period between Iftar and Sohour, remembering it just before Fajr prayer, and ending up chugging an entire two litres in half an hour.

2. Sleeping enough

Don’t stay up late and end up falling asleep on your desk the next day. It’s already hard enough that you are going through your day without your morning coffee, so take it easy on yourself and make sure to sleep well at night.

3. Don’t get dragged into TV series

It’s one of the reasons that keep you up all night because it is very easy to get caught up in more shows than you can handle. Instead of feeling like you need to keep up with all the ones you started, pick the ones you like the most and drop the rest. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

4. Eat well

Eating too heavy in the morning will actually make you feel heavy, sluggish and sleepy so choose wisely when it comes to Sohour. However, don’t even consider skipping Sohour, because then you won’t have the energy to make it through the day. Pick foods that are rich in fibers like complex carbohydrates, and pair those with foods that are rich in protein too ( dairy products or legumes, such as beans). That will help you feel full for longer hours. Generally, try to avoid fried, high fat and high sugar food.

5. Vitamins

Take a multi-vitamin on a daily basis. It will help replenish your body with the nutrients that it needs.

6. Coffee at Sohour

If you’re a coffee addict, have it just before you go back to sleep. Of course, it was better to adapt your body to not having caffeine by cutting it gradually before Ramadan. However, since you’re already stuck you can have it just before Fajr prayer.