There’s one thing that we can all agree on: your boss can either shape or break your career. Sometimes we let our bosses’ flaws get the best of us, and in that case it will always be a lose-lose situation. Below are 7 different types of bosses and exactly how you should deal with them.


1. The Easygoing Boss

People would call you crazy for thinking that an easygoing boss is a problem. But don’t worry you are sane for sure. It’s great having a boss who trusts you 100% with decisions and who has very minimal interference with your work, but you aren’t here to play. Without knowledge, you won’t be able to grow. The right way to deal with this kind of boss is by being super curious. Always ask questions and feed your brain with information that could help you succeed.


2. The Hot Head

You would usually be walking on eggshells with this type, and we can’t blame you. Hot heads are one of the most difficult bosses out there, as you are always being yelled at. Maybe they don’t give clear assignments, and sometimes asking them “what should I do exactly?” could land you in big trouble. You could give your input on what you think would be reasonable and wait for their feedback. What usually makes a boss angry is when they feel that their employees have no idea what they are doing. Show that you want to cooperate; this will definitely give you extra points.


3. The Panicker

It’s the boss that’s always fidgety and cannot relax. He or she are usually perfectionists who constantly have the highest expectations. Their personality is most heightened at the end of the month, with all the results coming in. You want to be helpful by ranking the priorities they need from you each week. Meet those expectations, and be ready for backup plans.


4. The Unapproachable Boss

An unapproachable boss will not allow any form of communication between you two, unless they directly want something from you. They appear whenever numbers are bad and disappear when things are going according to plan. But sometimes you need input, consult another manager or director who is willing to give you the time of day.


5. The One That Picks Favorites

You might feel discouraged because of the lack of appreciation, feeling that you will always be disregarded. Resist the temptation to badmouth your boss to your coworkers. You should focus on what you do best and use this to your advantage. You don’t need to be your boss’ favorite in order to succeed. Let the work speak for you.


6. The Nosy Boss

They always have their noses up your business, and that’s totally okay. Their job is to make sure that you’re on the right path. Let them proofread and fix your work. However it’s important to give your feedback as well, this is the best way to earn their trust. If they feel that you understand what you’re doing, they will eventually believe in you.


There are no bosses that are typically “bad” unless they are abusive. Being able to deal with them would not only make your work experience bearable, but it will also help you achieve your goals without hindering your work. Be socially smart!