One of the constant changes in life is getting married. Marriage transforms your life and alters everything about you and your take on life. Here is a peek on some of the “modern age” ย types of married women you might run into:

1- The Daydreamer


Her house is always a mess and she can’t seem to be having anything going her way. On the other hand, you always find her smiling and having a positive approach on anything. She is Mrs. Brightside.

2- The Young Mother

Pretty Asian woman graduate wearing cap and gown holding diploma and baby
Pretty Asian woman graduate wearing cap and gown holding diploma and baby

She got pregnant way too early in her marriage, but when you see her with her kid, you can’t process that she is in fact a mother. She’s an adult with a 12 year old’s mind and is always fun to be around.

3- The Athlete


This one has devoted all her waking hours to train and be fit. Not following the typical ‘kersh el gawaz’ and all stereotypical ideas of getting married and gaining weight. She tends to change your perspective and give you hope.

4- The Attention Seeking


She still thinks she’s stuck in high school and whenever you’re sitting with her, she will manage to turn the entire conversation about her and her husband and what they have been up to day to day with explicit details.

5- The Traveler

couple traveling by boat

This type tends to make you love marriage, since all she does is travel with her husband. They are as rare as pandas.

6- The Shopaholic


She follows all fashion trends and goes above and beyond to have any special edition of anything in the world.

Share with us your comments on the type of married women you meet.