Being the perfect mom sounds like a lot of work. We all want to be the ideal role model. Especially in Egypt all moms think they know everything. But despite how experienced we think we are, we still have these attributes that make us stand out. Mommies, brace yourselves for the ugly truth.

1. The by-the-book mom

She’s the one who always gives advice on how to do things. This mom can also be dubbed as the know-it-all. El om el khebra. She can manage 4 kids at once, dress them, bathe them, feed them and take them to lessons and practices all at the same time. She can recognize a crusty skin rash before it even occurs and can tell what the baby wants by the sound of his cry. Darssa kol haga.

2. The high-voltage mom

She usually has everything baby proofed from the toilet seat to the fridge’s door. Raf3a 7alet el taware2, because you know, these tiny humans have an appetite for danger. Ya habibi 7asseb el tarabeza tekhbat feeha. Ya habibi lef 7awalen el segada la tetka3bel. Omar khaleek a3ed 3ala shat el bahr la te3’ra2. 3ala tool melamessa.

3. The laid back mom

She’s the complete opposite of the high-voltage mom. “Live and let live” that’s her motto. On play dates, she would spend her time conversing with other moms instead of supervising her son. El om el ray2a, “aywa aywa sebee yakol el teena, hayekssab mana3a”. Kedza ya3ni. She usually justifies her lack of motherhood experience by being a first-time mom. Ah ma bengarab aho. Gaya hena 3’alat msh mante2etha khales.

4. The classic mom

Om el seteenat. She’s the envied mom who’s always dressed to the nines. Her kids are pretty much dressed the same, freshly out of a photo shoot. She’s the mom we always look at and ask ourselves, “How does she look so sharp with 3 kids?” Her kids are usually well behaved and automated. Everything is scheduled, from sleeping hours to play time and homework. El set el taqledeya.

5. The hard working mom

She can also be called the guilt-free mom. She has no problem travelling for work or working till nightfall. She probably has two nannies taking care of her kids, and dropping them off to school. She sees her kids in the morning or right before they go to bed. She occasionally likes to take them to the Gezira Club on Fridays, for some quality time. But nothing is shameful to her, she calls herself super mom. I mean come on, who can do what she does?

6. The franco-arab mom

Yala habibi nerooh na3mel wash, Micho roo7 a3mel coloring, elbess el shoes w ta3ala 2edy mami kiss w hug. You know the drill. She wants to keep both languages in her child’s vocab. W ya salam ba2a law ebnaha f madrassa French, keda kemlet.

People can have more than one attribute of course, but which one describes your mom the best?