Let’s all admit that the minute we arrive to work, we somehow become a different person or we put on the “work mask”. That is why the office is full of different types of people who perform multiple masks. Starting from 3am Mohamed, the office boy to your boss Madame Sana2, the whole office is like a high school classroom where you literally have to fight to socially make it among all those masks! Here are some of the masks that are typically found at any Egyptian office:

1. The Always Hungry One!

This type of coworker is always ready for food. You just mention the word and he’s already on the phone dialing to order. You will always hear “Who’s too distracted by his hunger? Who’s in for some foul w betingan? Is it too early for shawerma?”

2. Khalty El-Latata

“Khalty El-Latata” is to be found anywhere you go in Egypt, but the one at the office is taking gossiping to a whole new level. You better befriend her or else prepare yourself for a workplace full of rumors about you.

3. The One Who’s Always Late

This type of coworker will help you feel less bad about coming in late. They can always come up with something different to say. It’s either the common flat tire excuse or the lame “Asl el kobry kan wa2ef”, while we all know that they just wanted a couple more minutes of sleep.

4. The One Who’s Always Complaining

Egyptians are known for their constant whining over anything that goes wrong, but sometimes you just cannot take it anymore and need to focus on what you actually came here for.

5. The Kiss A** Employee!

The kiss a** type is ready to go many lengths to impress their boss. What they are trying to achieve has never been understandable for us, but we sometimes just go along.

6. The Always Busy One

We all have those times when work seems to be never ending, but for Mr. Busy it is not just sometimes, it’s ALL the time.

So which type of coworker do you think you are? Make sure to drop us a comment if any of our 7 masks apply to you, or even tag that one office gossip friend we all have and make sure you give everyone else at the office a mask!