Who said that you can’t celebrate a day full of love if you are single?! If anything, that day is best spent with the closest of (single) friends. So get out your planner and jot down some of these ideas for a fun-filled Valentine’s Day!

Throw a Party: Get all the single people together for a big mixer! Not only will it be fun but it will be a great chance for singles to mingle and maybe even find someone interesting. Prepare an awesome playlist and make sure you stock up on snacks!

A Little R&R: Take some rest from the normal routine and go pamper yourself at a spa, travel for a day to a new place or even treat yourself to an extravagant dinner or gift. As Whitney said: “Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all”

Love Fest: If most of your friends are couples then join in the love fest! Go out with your favourite and closest couple. Accepting that you tag along shows a great deal of love. Maybe turn it into a double date and ask them to bring a single friend for you to meet.

Don’t Bother: If you are one of the single & proud people then rejoice! You are still single and can happily avoid the mandatory gift and compliment façade. Enjoy your independence as much as you can, others dream of it.

Go Cliché: As a hopeless romantic, a day filled with romantic movies, comfort food and a box of tissues or two will be just the thing for you. Gather your other hopelessly romantic friends and make a cozy, emotional night out of it.

Let go of your emotions: Allow yourself to feel sad if that is how you really feel. Reflect on your past relationships and life, learn from them and make a promise to yourself that you will not depend on a partner for happiness. You will depend on yourself for happiness & if someone comes along to share that with you then that’s just fabulous!