Our days are almost the same and even our outings are becoming this routine of going to dine in a restaurant or maybe have a drink and that is it. We need to feel more alive and one way to do that is to enjoy our outings without having to look at our phones.

Let the fun begin and try these options out.

#1: Karaoke Night

Recently many places are now having karaoke nights at a specified date of every week. These nights are incredibly amazing; you’d get to release the singer in you proudly without being ashamed of having a terrible voice because you all suck my darling.

#2: Play Cards

It can be the normal basra or even doing magic tricks with the cards, this makes your night a lot more lively and competitive than having every single person looking at their phones. It is amazing how Egyptians are naturally competitive.

#3: Board Games or Tawla

It can be the old selem and te3ban kind of game or even tawla, but board games are super duper interesting especially if there is a huge group of friends playing or watching the game. You can divide yourself to players and cheerleaders.

#4: Aflam

Playing charades will always be fun especially if you have this group of idiotic friends who are lousy at acting. This is definitely a fun game to play, but please try not to be so loud so that you wouldn’t get kicked out of the place.

#5: Fight List

Download this game and play it as a group. The adrenaline you get when trying to type in everything in a matter of seconds is just amazing. It is supposed to be played on one on one basis to have a fair competition, but who cares!

#6: Heads Up

A hilarious game where you are supposed to divide yourselves into two teams. Every team has to explain what is on the screen to the other team without having to speak a word. You’ll definitely notice how the people around you are mostly idiotic.

We hope you enjoy your outings a little bit more after reading this article.