Since summer is almost coming to an end, some of us just want to relax their way into winter with some exercise. And with Cairo being such a crowded city, you might think you can’t find a place of serenity and peace. Fortunately though, there are some places where you could practice yoga right in the heart of the capital.

 Rohana Yoga Studio, Garden City

Rohana is the sanctuary for all Downtown-ers. Located in a beautiful street in Garden City, the yoga studio offers both an indoor yoga area and an outdoor one for those prefer to sync with nature. They are also one of the few places that offer yoga classes for children and have their own line of sportswear on display. Prices are 150LE for a drop in, five classes for 600LE and 10 classes for 1000LE.

Number: 0122 779 9563

Facebook page:

 Yalla Yoga, Heliopolis

A favorite of the Masr El Gdeda residents, Yalla is more than just a yoga center. It offers a full functioning community of healthy lifestyle and an educational system for well-being. So, you’ll get to do yoga and learn about it too!

Number: 0122 229 9506

Facebook page: http://

 Nun Center, Zamalek

Located in Hassan Sabry street in Zamalek, Nun Center is slowly becoming the health hub we all need. Upon entering, you will find a little shop selling their organic food and products. Also, they offer alternative healing programs on the side of their yoga sessions. Drop in classes are for 250LE, a 10 class pass is for 1600LE and an unlimited monthly pass is for 2000LE.

Number: 0122 398 0898

Facebook Page: http://

 Ardi, Dahshur

Looking for a tiny getaway? Ardi is your ticket. Just on the outskirts of Cairo you will find the yoga retreat programs you always wanted. Worry not, they only schedule their sessions during the weekends so you won’t be missing working days. Their motto is living by nature. So, if you’re not an outdoors person, you probably won’t like it.

E-mail Address[email protected]

Facebook Page: http://

 Osana Family Wellnes, Maadi

If you happen to live in or near Maadi, you probably know this one. Osana is pretty much the go-to yoga spot in the neighborhood where you could find yoga and so much more. They offer nutrition workshops, aromatherapy and mommy-kid classes. Prices are 157LE for a drop in yoga class, and they have a one month unlimited package for 2500LE. If you’re looking for a longer package, they have a six month one for 1500LE.

Number: 0101 773 3770

Facebook Page: http://

Mudra Yoga Studio, Zamalek

Another Zamalek favorite is non-other than Mudra. If you’re into Sufism, this is one of the few places that offers Sufi classes. Not a fan, their yoga and meditation classes are just as good. As for prices, we would say pretty affordable. A drop in class is for 130LE. Packages include 8 classes for 850LE, 10 classes for 950LE and 12 classes for 1000LE.

Number: 0109 408 8155

Facebook Page: http://

So come on, pick your favorite now!