When it comes to skincare and cosmetics and with the stakes so high, we always look for someone to give us their honest and unfiltered review on products. We don’t want someone covering up for a company just for marketing purposes. This is why we give you the 6 beauty bloggers we trust the most!

Aliaa Lasheen

This beauty is one of our favorite bloggers on Instagram. She gives BOLDLY honest reviews and she never shies away from calling out a bad product or company.

Grow & Glow

As the username implies, Menna is all about growing and glowing. Not only does she give great product reviews, but she also uses her platform to spread self-love and body positivity!

With Hags

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(Arabic in the first comment) This mask has 2% Salicylic Acid, charcoal and clays to help target textural irregularities, unclog pores due to the ability of salicylic acid to penetrate deep down the pore. (Check previous post about BHAs) 🔻It has amazing ingredients up the list such as (squalane, Glycerin) which counteract any possible drying effect from Salicylic acid. Squalane is non-greasy, non-heavy and can be naturally found in the skin’s sebum. Definitely glycerin is a very good humectant, acts like hyaluronic acid but with less fancy name 😂 🔻Kaolin Clay which is known to absorb excess oils from the skin, but it’s less drying and gentler on the skin than other clays. 🔻4-T-Butylcyclohexanol, which is known for it’s ability to decrease the stinging and burning sensation of the skin. 🔻Dimethyl Isosorbide is a solvent that enhances the delivery of active ingredients. 🔻 I also love that they mention the product’s pH level, as it determines its efficacy (will discuss the relation between Acids pH level and effectiveness) 👉🏽Now to my experience: ▪️The product feels so smooth on application, and it doesn’t have that harsh texture of the regular clay masks. It can be easily rinsed off which is a great plus ▪️I realized that whenever I apply it at night, my pimples in the morning seem to be less inflamed and less red ▪️It significantly helps with smoothing the skin texture and helps with congestion. My chin and forehead is a lot less congested after using this product regularly (twice a week) ▪️My forehead is A LOT smoother. It helps so much with any bumpy texture that you might have on the skin. ▪️It made my skin feel very clean and polished, but NEVER dry. Specially when I wash off the mask afterwards, my skin doesn’t feel tight. 🔹How to use? – after cleansing your skin, apply as needed on your skin, wait for 10 minutes, wash it off with LUKEWARM water, follow up with hydrating products. 👉🏽TIPS: – Don’t use this more than twice a week. – Be consistent with sunscreen application. – Don’t leave it on for a longer time – Don’t use it on compromised, sensitive or sensitised skin. 🛍You can order this mask from @theblushlounge #facemask #theordinary #salicylicacid

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If you just love your medical terms when it comes to cosmetics, Hagar’s blog “With Hags” should be on your feed. Reading and looking into product ingredients is definitely what makes her shine among her fellow bloggers.

Mona Ali

If you’re looking for Arabic simplified reviews, Mona Ali is the way to go. She’ll make your life a lot easier and will help you know the do’s and don’ts of beauty.

Rana Reviews

Don’t we all just love the girl-next-door bloggers who like to keep things plain and simple? If that’s your blogging type, following Rana Reviews is a MUST.

Nour Sherif

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Another blogger with a minimalist approach is Nour Sherif. Her tips are super helpful and her reviews are clear cut and to the point!

Shout out to all the bloggers keeping it real out there!