Since each person is unique, we seem to deal with everything differently as well. If you’re too happy, you may hug the person in front of you out of excitement. While if you’re angry, you might simply punch a wall or throw a tantrum of some kind. Below are some of the most common ways people tend to de-stress:

1- Eating


Stuffing your face with anything edible in sight. The most important thing is the calorific value. If it isn’t fattening, it isn’t worth it. You walk to the nearest grocery store or koshk, if you’re lucky enough, and buy happiness again.

2- Yoga and Meditation


The main idea of yoga is to connect the mind, heart and body. So for a great stress relief method without harming your body, you tend to find your escape in yoga and meditation. You can learn to meditate in just 10 minutes a day with the Headspace app.

3- Shopping


Feeling stressed? You tend to buy something new to make the world green again. It would mainly be a new pair of shoes, make-up, or something as simple as a new accessory.

4- Drinking


The gateway to forgetfulness. Not the optimum way, but why the hell not?

5- Sports

5-sports-nExercise is known to be one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a good night’s sleep. Be it working out, boxing or any other extreme sports; this is your time.

6- Night Cruise


It could be that simple. A chill music playlist, all of the car windows down and a pack of cigarettes. It makes you sane again. You tend to make sure that the congested streets of Cairo are completely empty first.

7- Cleaning


The ultimate distraction in the world, especially if you’re a neat freak. It gets your mind off of everything in the world and you’re in your bubble attempting to get everything crystal white again.


You can’t deny it. You find yourself either doing all the above or moving from one activity to another whenever you want to relieve yourself from any type of stress you’re facing.