7 Artists Who Need to Throw Post-Quarantine Concerts!

With all the time that you have on your hands right now, you must have given this next question some thought. Which music act are you dying to see in concert when the quarantine dust settles? If your answer is ‘literally anyone on the planet, I need to get out’—well, we understand but here’s a thing. You cannot just leave your list that vague.

So, here’s what we decided to do. Compile a list of 7 must-see artists we all need to vibe with in concert. And trust us, this list might just speak it into existence.


We know we’ve all had a lot to say about Wegz’s virtual mini-concert last Eid, but as the artist himself said, concerts just aren’t as fun when the audience isn’t there. And this is why we’re pretty positive the next concert Wegz will throw is going to be one of his best ever.

Tamer Hosny

Do we even need to say it? Tamer Hosny is a hype master by nature and so we all already know he’ll plan something special for his next face-to-face reunion with his fans. And we’ll be there, taking in all the good party vibes!


Okay, so let’s say this one thing before you comment. Sometimes we all need to dress up, feel a little fancy, and listen to Angham’s uniquely powerful voice as she churns out ballad after ballad. Yes, some concerts can count as self-care too.

Marwan Moussa

We’ve already seen how Marawan Moussa brings his A-game for both virtual and real life concerts, so we just know this – he’s probably going to pull out all stops for the first post-quarantine concert. We know we are!

Tamer Ashour

Among the very first artists to lead the virtual concert movement, Tamer Ashour has already had a special place in our sad-music-loving hearts before and he will still retain it after. You know as much as we do that the only difference between the concerts we’ve streamed and the ones we’ll be going to is how loud we’ll be singing along.

Mohamed Mounir

Some people say that going to a Mohamed Mounir concert is an Egyptian rite of passage, so if you haven’t attended one (or if you haven’t streamed it) then you’ll want to attend his first real concert the very first minute you can. You know they don’t call him the King for nothing.

Dina El-Wedidy

Enchanting, brilliant, and with a strong set of vocals—who wouldn’t want to attend a Dina El-Wedidy concert? If you love streaming her tracks, you’ll be loving hearing them live and even better more.

Who else do you want to see in real-life concerts?