By :Mariam Elmohandes

Summer is the time we look forward to all year long.  We have our summer goals, places to travel and new adventures to undertake. We want to get the perfect tan, relax and enjoy a well deserved break. Unfortunately, bad luck sometimes kicks in; here are 7 bad luck situations that almost spoil our summer:


1- Period

Having our periods on regular days is pretty hard, from the pain, to food cravings and mood swings. Getting it on the 1st day of our trip is sh*t; we naturally cancel our plans to go swimming because our bodies have decided that summer vacation is the perfect time for having our periods. We’ve been there and we feel your pain.


2- Tan Gone Wrong

Lying on the beach, hoping to get the perfect bronze color glow on our skin, when suddenly we wake up feeling the excruciating pain and heat all over our roasted bodies. Our attempt to get a tan fails miserably and we’re stuck with sunburns and a body that looks like raw meat.


3- Forgetting the Swimsuit

Got everything packed: money, clothes, sunscreen and camera. Once we arrive to our destination, we get ready to hit the beach only to discover forgetting the most important item, our swimsuit! Our summer is now officially ruined .


4- Swimsuit Slip

Many of us have been through this unfortunate situation, swimming our way through the sea only to discover that our swimsuit has betrayed us. Hoping no one’s watching, we leave the beach feeling ashamed and embarrassed.

5- Weather Changes

The weather has been unpredictable lately. One day, it’s incredibly hot, the other it’s cold like winter. The problem is, we didn’t exactly expect or prepare for climate changes. Most of our wardrobe is, therefore, weather inappropriate.


6-  Hair vs Humidity

Spending an entire hour brushing, combing and using tons of hairspray to pull off an amazing and shiny hairdo, 5 mins later, humidity works its magic and our efforts go in vain. We end up looking awful with sweaty and messy hair. Thanks humidity. me-when-the-weather-is-over-80-degrees-2851558

7- Ripped Flipflops

Ripped flipflops are everyone’s worst nightmare; walking on the beach and dancing to the beats when you suddenly realize that your’re barefoot. Shopping for flipflops can be a struggle too.Image1854-1

In order to have a problem free summer, make sure you are well prepared to face any of the above unpleasant mishaps. Double check your bag for any missing items, shop for extra flipflops, wear your sunscreen and you should be all set to have an amazing summer.