Even if you’re the best of cooks, shuffling between your job, managing your home, putting a decent meal on the dinner table every night and maintaining a decent social life can still get quite stressful and complicated. Even if your husband isn’t complaining about going home to empty plates and cookers, you should still do something about it because you cannot survive on junk food indefinitely.

If you want to steer clear of cooking and after cooking fuss or host any kind of event, the following caterers are here to cater for your events whenever and wherever you are, making your life less demanding and more delightful:

1. Yumamia


On the hunt for some meals that will remind you of your G-ma’s cooking? Yumamia is what you’re looking for. From their yum-yum mahashi to the mouth-watering casseroles, beware these people are after you heart, so they target your belly.

Website: https://egypt.yumamia.com/en/

2. Tandoori Flame, Mohandeseen

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From fragrant curries to tandoori-grilled meats, Tandoori Flame’s extensive library of Indian recipes and food ideas offers the best finger licking dishes of this popular cuisine.

Phone: 02 33444502


3. Catering Plus, Nasr City

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Catering Plus is a home catering service that offers palatable dishes from small intimate parties to big corporate events. They also personalize menus to suit your taste bud and needs. Their executive management team comes with a vast, diversified, well over fifty years experience in the F&B Hospitality industry.

Phone: 01005554333


4. Beiti Catering, Al Agouza


Surprise your taste buds with the tantalizing menu offered by the caterers of Beiti Catering. Their appetizing and well-presented dishes are served by courteous food servers, and will save you from the after cooking hassle. Beiti is available for luncheons, weddings, cocktail parties and more.

Website: https://about.me/beiti


5. Kozbara, New Cairo’s Fifth Settlement


Looking for a private caterer who offers multinational cuisine? Kozbara makes international dishes that mainly come from Italian and oriental cuisines. Within your budget, Kozbara’s team will provide you with your choice of dishes; you can even go wild and pick sushi.

Phone: 0109 976 2388


6. The Catering Co.

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Dig into the delectable food served by The Catering Co. From birthday parties to cocktail reception, Catering Co. offers various menu selections and catering package options, and will provide and deliver quality and luscious cooked-to-order food.

Website: http://www.thecateringcokitchen.com

7. Aklbeety, Maadi


Ever dreamed of someone saving you from the fuss of making a homemade Egyptian mean? Aklbeety is the perfect answer for you. Their scrumptious food and big portions will chase you even in your dreams.

Phone: 01093002002