It can be really tricky to find places where dogs are allowed and where you would also like to hangout. We, pet owners, consider our dog or cat to be part of the family; we often want to enjoy their company when we head out. Plus, you probably feel super guilty when your dog gives you those puppy eyes whenever you’re leaving the house without them, right?

While most of the places don’t allow pets, there are a few spots in the capital that do. Here are 7 places that will gladly welcome your furry friend.

1) Ampersand Eatry, Zamalek

While most of the Zamalek streets are pet-friendly and you could probably see someone walking their dog in every corner, not many places welcome pets. Unlike this one place we absolutely love. They don’t just welcome your dog in their lovely open area, they even offer them a bowl of water the moment they walk in!

2) Ovio, Maadi

It turns out, there are even more reasons to love Ovio other than their delicious pancakes! If you’re anyplace near Maadi, make sure you take your doggo along for some treat. They deserve it!

3) II Muliano, Heliopolis

Surprisingly, one of the best hangouts in Cairo allows pets, as well. According to the reviews, this Italian place has the nicest staff and a friendly atmosphere for your pet. `

4) Cake Cafe, Zamalek

Although the place is tiny, but having your morning coffee alongside your pup is not such a bad idea. Also, people claim they make the best cakes in town!

5) Ralph’s German Bakery, Maadi

The latest branch of our favorite Dahab bakery is located in Maadi and we’re beyond glad. Not just that, they are also bringing the culture along with them!

6) Lily’s, Sheikh Zayed

The multi-branched spot perfect for a cozy Saturday night has lately made their way to our hearts. Not many know this, but Lily’s actually welcomes all kinds of pets in all the branches!

7) Waadi Degla Protectorate, Maadi

Last but not least, is one is our favorite so far. If you’re bored with the indoors and are looking for a way to befriend nature, head out to this little sanctuary located on the outskirts of Cairo. You could take your dog for a hike, have a mini barbecue gathering with friends and make a fun day out of it!

Wherever you decide to take your dog, make sure they are comfortable and welcomed. Chances are they are going to be excited pretty much anywhere. Also, look out for their safety and be ready for some serious sniffing!