The key to going on dates is to look as close as possible to how you normally look, so a guy would get to know you while you look like you! This might only be my humble opinion, but I believe that looking natural with a bit of glamour is any girl’s best look. Forget overdoing it, and check out these up-dos and hairstyles that you can easily replicate at home with almost no money! 

1- Swoop Your Hair to One Side


You can toss your tumbling and wavy locks over one shoulder and tastefully show off a little skin on the other side. To make sure your hair will stay on one side for the rest of the night, apply a stronghold gel when your hair is still damp and blow-dry the spot. Or you can tuck one side behind your ear and have the rest of your hair fall elegantly behind your back or down your shoulders.

2- Smooth and Straight


It’s normal for straight hair to make any split ends more highlighted because it reflects light. In order to perfect this look, you need to minimally trim your hair ends to avoid the dry and damaged feel straight hair normally gives off. Smooth and shiny hair is pretty to look at and nice to play with.

3- Braids, Braids, Braids


Braids add a flirtatious playfulness to your looks. There are also so many ways you could do braids and none of them can go wrong. The key, however, is to pick one that highlights your best asset. There’s the reverse French braid, the fishtail, the off-to-the-side French braid, the upside down braid, the milkmaid braid and just so many more. Take your pick!

4- Boho Waves


This is for every carefree woman who wants to show her whimsical side. It adds a youthful touch to your appearance and makes you look natural and down to earth. It’s a messy look, but it’s also low-key and fabulous.

4- A Simple Bun


It doesn’t always have to be Sunday-bunday; a simple and sleek bun is also perfect for both fancy and low-key dinner dates. It’s chic, feminine and effortless to master. 

5- The Power Pony

The ponytail never goes out of style because that’s just how powerful the pony is. The best part about ponytails is that you can easily transition from day to night while sporting the same style. There’s the high, low and side ponytail; which one do you think fits you best?

 6- Short and Choppy


Styling your pixie cut can be hard sometimes, but all you need to know about it is to never have a defined part. You hair must look disheveled and with voluminous texture at all times.

7- Flower Power


Flowers are a symbol for romance. Therefore, it’s only natural to apply the same sense to styling your hair while going on a date! They also make you look charming and bring out your girly and flirty side.