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7 Effective Things You NEED to Do on The Day of a Breakup


No one ever gives you a manual for what to do on the day of the breakup. Once you break up with your partner, you suddenly become a total mess to the extent that you really can’t comprehend what just happened. It’s as if you’re just having a nightmare and want to wake up, but you really can’t.

I won’t call myself the breakup expert, but these are things that I promise you will sure make your day less miserable.

#1: Spend The Day With Your Best Friend

Call your best friend that you trust the most and go out for coffee, or stay at either one of your houses. Never spend the day alone, because believe me you need a friend to stop you from doing all the crazy things that come to your mind.

#2: Play Breakup Songs

This might seem a little bit weird to you, but it does help a lot. Park your car somewhere a bit isolated and listen to breakup songs with your bestie. Now you have the chance to play music as loud as you can and sing (Scream) along. Imagine yourself sitting in a car singing Ana Law Azeto by Hamaki or any of Amr Diab’s amazing breakup songs. Terrific!

#3: Cry A LOT

No, I am not a heartless person to recommend crying. But come on guys, crying helps A LOT. Why do you need to stop yourself from crying if you really feel like it? Today you have all the right to be a whiny baby and no one can ever complain.

#4: Vent Out

You might think that talking about it is not healthy, but no darling it sure is. Talk to someone you trust about how you feel about the breakup, why it happened, what you think is right and every single detail that comes to your mind. Don’t be afraid of criticism; no one will ever do that knowing what you had to go through!

#5: Binge Eat


Eating is therapy at times. Grab a bite from your favorite junk food place, order desserts or a drink and remember that ice cream is your best friend for the moment. Stop thinking about wanting to lose weight and focus on your needed therapy!

#6: Detox Your Phone

This might be a bit hard for you to do, but it is necessary. Remove this toxic person with all his sh*t from your life. Let’s take baby steps and start with clearing your phone from those toxic conversations and pictures on all social media accounts. It might be hard at first, but this is your first step to actually accepting what just happened.

#7: Do a Makeover

It is very common for people to do a makeover right after they break up with their partner. Head to your hair salon and get a new haircut. Maybe do your nails or even go shopping. And for guys, try going to the barber shop and trim your hair or maybe even get a face massage. It makes you feel really great about yourself once you feel like you look different in a good way, and believe me it drives your ex crazy when they see what they’ve lost.

#8: Do Something Crazy

Pick a crazy act that you always wanted to do and do it right away to release the negative energy. Maybe go play paintball with your friends or even better, visit unleashed; where they give you the opportunity to get the negative energy out of your system by breaking all the plates or items in a room.

On a serious note, don’t worry. Life will go on and one year from now, you won’t even understand why you were that hurt.