After giving birth, some mothers experience The Baby Blues”. This name arose from the feeling of disappointment some mothers get when they assume they will be in this amazing baby bliss bubble, celebrating the new baby with friends and family but instead, they feel like crying! Don’t freak out, it is extremely common (so common that it has a name!); however, if this feeling persists or gets worse, then it is probably a sign of Postpartum Depression. Some steps, which pretty much revolve around taking care of yourself, are extremely important in helping avoid pots-labor depression.

1. Don’t skimp on sleep

Of course, getting an full cycle of sleep when dealing with a newborn seems like such an impossible task but not getting enough sleep increases depression. So get the help of a husband, a relative or a friend and have as many naps as you can.


2. Meals should be a priority

When a person is depressed, usually the lose appetite and not feel the urge to eat. Again, this helps in the growth of depression. Make your meals a priority. Eat healthy and eat well.


3. Relationships should not be neglected

When depressed, a person usually prefers isolation; however, seeking the company of friends and family and staying connected to them is a must. Make them know they are needed and their support is essential because it is.


4. Do not keep your feelings to yourself

Not only do friends and family serve as company, they also are the much-needed emotional outlet you should use for making yourself feel better. Share what you are experiencing, good or bad. You might not feel like telling everyone how you feel but at least confide in one person. Just one will do the job as long as they are willing to listen without being judgmental and offer reassurance and support.


5. Have some alone quality time

This does not always mean that it should be a break for like an hour. It can be as little as a 5 minute tea break; a break from your mom duties.


6. Ease back into exercise

Exercising, for a regular person increases endorphins – the happy chemicals! For a depressed person, exercising can be as effective as medication. You never need to overdo it; a 30-minute walk can literally do wonders.

Pregnant woman exercising

7. Get some sunlight

Sunlight lifts your mood so it is always recommended to get 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight exposure daily!