7 Egyptian Movies You Need to Revisit This Eid!

Whether you’re staying in and relaxing at home or packing up for a killer beach time, there’s one thing we’re all certain of:

Eid has no flavor without some classic TV time and, with the gems that we’re always re-watching for Eid (and the ones we’ve added here for you), there’s no mystery as to why.

So, as you read this, prepare for a week of snacks and some much-needed off-time and put these movies on your watch-list!

Afwah Wa Araneb

This movie just seems like quintessential Eid viewing and why wouldn’t it be? With Faten Hamam and Mahmoud Yacine as leads, a colorful setting, and a story that just never gets old, Afwah w Araneb is basically perfect for a Eid night.


A movie about the life and comical struggles of a literal butcher might be a little too on-the-nose for Eid Al-Adha but you know what? We love our stereotypical movies, the funnier the better and Booha is still a hit, despite the times!

3assal Eswed

Some movies seem like they’re always on TV for any passing occasion and 3assal Eswed is one of those movies. With its impeccable family vibe and all the different occasions featured in, you should watch it to relive some of that cozy feeling this holiday.


You might have not seen this one coming, but honestly, we recommend you take a walk down nostalgia lane to enjoy this gem again. Seriously, few movies will give you this raw, funny family authenticity!

Samir W Shahir W Bahir

Keeping up with the spirit of comedy, you should fire up your gathering by screening this once-upon-a-time trio’s first massive hit, Samir w Shahir w Bahir, as well as enjoy the timeless laughs!


There’s nothing as fun as re-watching this movie for the who-knows-which-time and basically reciting the lines as you wait for That One Scene (you know which one) to appear. And it’s just as fun to watch this in Eid!

The El-Kebeer Awi American Football Episode

Not to go the Friends-Thanksgiving-Episodes route but honestly, even though this one’s not a movie, it still has a place in this list. Everything from this story-line to the execution to the football to the “fi makan fel ferga ya weld aboy” is iconic and worth re-visiting for the holidays!

Enjoy your Eid with some classics!