Sometimes, I feel like Emojis are the only way we are able to express things nowadays, which is why as Egyptians, we tend to over use them. But because we’re Egyptian, we have to add our own little trademarks to everything and here’s what it would be like if we combined all our favorite Egyptian sayings with Emojis! 

1- El 7etan Leeha Wedan

When you want to tell someone not to spill too much information on your WhatsApp group, just share this Emoji and they’ll know what’s up. We couldn’t really find a wall Emoji, but we figured this building served the same purpose. El7etan

2- 3asfoora fel yad 27san men 3ashara fel shagara

We like to philosophize, A LOT. And sometimes we want people to know that what they have in their hands today is better than what’s fel shagara tomorrow.3asfoor

3- 2eed w7da matsa2afsh!

We are masters of obvious statements. This one just needs to be stated in Emoji to make more sense!2eed w7da

4- Gebt f seeret el 2ot geyh yenot. 

A saying that expresses the awkward situation when you’re talking about someone and they just happen to show up!El 20t

5- El baraka fel lama

E7na ben7eb el lama wel z7ma. You can’t deny it! This is just an expression of an authentically Egyptian practice; it had to be done in Emoji! (And yes, we are aware it’s originally a high five emoji :D)El baraka fel lama

6- Darb el 7abeeb zay 2kl el zebeeb

It’s true; we’re more accepting to the ones we love. If only we could find a zebeeb Emoji! These grapes will have to do!Darb el7abeeb

7- El 2erd f 3eyn ommo 3’azal

Yes, we know that this isn’t a gazelle Emoji, but if it’s too troubling think of it this way: El 2erd f 3eyn ommo me3za!


We know there’s got to be plenty more where that came from; what other sayings do you think need to be expressed in Emoji?