This year we have this love-hate relationship with many evil characters and we can’t really justify it. We know that they are just plain evil, yet because of how great the actors/actresses played the role, we love them! But this doesn’t in any way ignore the fact that we can’t stand them for the amount of evil, deviousness and darkness inside each and every one of them.

Here are 7 characters that we love but still can’t stand.

#1: Aziz’s Mother in Layali Eugenie

If we can find an award for the most annoying, controlling and b*tchy character, then definitely she is the winner. When you’re watching, you start wondering how can Aziz live with her all those years? Or how can she bare herself? She is just too much, especially with Sophia -Aziz’s ex-. Now that she’s dead, we don’t think the series would be the same!

#2: Thoraya in Bel Hagm El 3a2eli

And the ‘Worst Mum’ award goes to Thoraya. A really good example of a control freak who doesn’t even see that she is a total failure. Sometimes she makes you feel like you want to throw something at your TV/Laptop, because she is too annoying.

#3: Samir El Abd in Abo Omar El Masry

Words won’t do him justice. This role makes us feel like Fathy Abdelwahab is the Egyptian Joker. Can he get any crazier? We bet that he is the only reason why you are watching Abo Omar El Masry.

#4: Nabila in Layali Eugenie

We pray that you never meet anyone as dark as Nabila. Classist, fake and such a snob. But the funny part is how Nemaat is dealing with their situation perfectly fine. Let the catfight begin!

#5: Malika/Aya in Malika

You can’t really understand the difference at this point because both characters are driving us crazy. You just feel like you want to slap her a couple of hard slaps to fix her attitude problems. Let alone all the boy drama that she is living in.

#6: Osama in El Rehla

Of course, he is not sane in any way possible, but even if, how can a person be this wicked? Basel El Khayat amazed us with this role, but his vicious character is both getting on our nerves and exciting us which is wicked on its own.

#7: Loula in Layali Eugenie

Loula resembles a really terrible boss who hates your success; we all hate these. She is scary to the extent that you’d want to be a failure and a loser in order not to face her. She doesn’t drive us crazy as much as the others, but we know that she is cooking something for Galila and Karima, so let’s hope she unexpectedly dies instead.

Even if we feel like kicking their a** and punching our screens while watching them have conversations with other characters, we still love them and love their impact in every single series. We love-hate you!