One huge proof that magic exists is how we respond to fictional characters, whether they dwell on pages or on screens. We get to know them, empathize and fall in love with them though they are not even real. And since Ramadan is right around the corner, and TV series will flood our lives once again with new characters, this got us thinking, what if we had a magic wand and can bring one of our favourite fictional characters into real life? Who would we pick?

This list can go on forever but let’s start with these 7 characters: 

1. Sherif in Ta7t El Saytara (Performed by Hany Adel) 

Remember that scene when Mariam (Nelly Karim) called her best friend, Sherif (Hany Adel), and told him that she might use drugs and he rushed to stop her? Don’t you wish to have this friend, the one who will always get your back without judging?

2. Nazli in Grand Hotel (Performed by Amina Khalil) 

Other than the fact that Amina Khalil nailed her role masterfully, Nazli was one hell of a girl that you would want to meet in real life. Being rich didn’t prevent her from befriending the people who worked for her, or falling for one of them though it was socially unaccepted. That’s a girl!

3. Adam in La Totfe2 El Shams (Performed by Ahmed Malek) 

That brother! The one who builds no barriers between him and his sisters, who would stand up against anyone for them, and always show kindness and support.

4. Sarah in Halawet El Donia (Performed by Hanan Motawie) 

The friendship between Sarah and Amina (Or Amayno as Sarah likes to call her) was everyone’s talk last year. If you have a friend like Sarah in your life, the one who can almost stop their own life for you, you’re extremely lucky.

5. Amin in Grand Hotel (Performed by Mohamed Mamdouh) 

Who doesn’t love Amin? He has a heart as big as the whole Grand Hotel and always chooses to see the best in others. He was a great friend, brother and son. If there is more than one Amin in our world, it would have been such a better place!

6. Selim in Halawet El Donia (Performed by Dhafer L’Abidine)

Well, whatever character played by Dhafer we simply wish for it to be real! Imagine if we had more than one Dhafer!! Also Selim was just gorgeous in Halawet El Donia.

7. Zat in Kesit Bent Esmaha Zat (Performed by Nelly Karim) 

Or maybe we’re the ones who want to be pulled into her world, because each time we watch Zat and the peacefulness of that era, there is always a smile on our faces.

Let us know what you think of the list and if there are other fictional characters you wish were real.