In the past, the sacred unwritten rules of friendship were a matter of common sense; people were highly ethical and cherished their friendships. Nowadays, this common sense seems to be less common; we often hear awful stories of people who used to be good friends but suddenly turned into bitter enemies. Things would be much more simple if we just remember to follow the long forgotten friendship ethics.

Friends’ Exes Should Be Off Limits

If your best friend was in a serious relationship and they broke up because things didn’t work out, it shouldn’t be okay to get together with their ex!! As simple as that!! But to every rule, there’s an exception: if your best friend is totally over it, they’ve already gotten involved with someone new and assured you that they’re absolutely okay about it then that might be an exception. However, going behind your friend’s back and aiming for their ex is an awful thing to do and against all friendship codes!!

Friends Should Support Each Other When The Going Gets Tough

Nowadays, it’s common for people to want to avoid any unnecessary drama. Life has become too hectic that we just can’t handle the extra stress that doesn’t even involve us. Most people tend to ignore their friends’ drama. A friend in need is a friend indeed; friends need each other most during times of crisis. Stick by your friends when they truly need you.

Don’t Compete With Your Friend

Friendship is not the right place for competition or jealousy. You should always be happy for your friend and feel proud of their achievements. It’s okay to sometimes want things you don’t have-we’re not all saints. However, if this jealousy turns into serious envying by any means or brought about negative feelings, then you most certainly broke a friendship code.

Speaking About Your Friend Behind Their Back Is Never Acceptable

Speaking about your friend behind their back is unacceptable –Full STOP. Even if you just had the fight of your life or stormed out to their face, it’s totally unacceptable to bad mouth them. You can tell them that you’re furious with them. In fact, you’re obliged to let your friend know exactly how you feel and why.

You’re obliged to tell them your honest opinion

If your friend asked for opinion, they’re expecting you to tell them what you truly think, be it an outfit, hair style or even a relationship. Of course, there’s a huge difference between voicing your opinion politely when you’re asked and sticking your nose where you shouldn’t.

Lending your ear without beinng judgmental!!

Sometimes all a person needs is someone to listen to them attentively. You cannot be a good friend if you don’t care to listen to your friend’s issues, whether they’re positive or negative. They should be able to spill their deepest darkest secrets without having to worry about you judging them. You should still give them your honest opinion without perceiving them in one way or another. You should be able to take off your shoes and walk in theirs; put yourself in their place!

You accept their Family

Not judging “their family” has to top this list. Judging their kids, husband, parents or siblings is a definite no no.

Real friends are a true blessing you need to hold on to it. Without abiding by the old friendship ethics, friendships can be lost, destroyed or become meaningless. Try to start with yourself; it might take some effort on your part but it’s the right way to do things. It’s definitely worth it.