We’re all eagerly waiting for summer so we can hit the road and head straight to the beach. We literally crave the smell of the turquoise blue waves and the feel of the golden sand. The piece of mind we enjoy during the weekend makes it so hard to get back to all the workload on weekdays, but you know what’s even harder? El shabab el cool El 3al ba7r! Egyptian guys have been pursuing some trends lately that we hope will eventually fade away, so far away!

Here is how you can spot el trends or trendzzz to be accurate!

1. Super short swimsuits!

We appreciate your attempt to show off your legs, but we’d rather pass. And it’s not nice to have your swimsuits that short and in pink! Trust us, it’s not sending the right message at all my friend!

2. Oiling till they’re glowing in oil!

Are you a French fry? Unless you are, we really don’t see a reason why you should smother your whole body in oil. It’s not like you’ll get a better tan, it’s just us getting more sick!

3.Tattoo 7ena….just that

We’ve seen it all; from scorpions to superman logos in 7enna! Are we still in 2002?! We hope that scorpion comes back to life and kills you!

4. Boxers under swimsuits!

We know how much you cherish your Cottonil boxers, but you shouldn’t be that proud and show us the logo. It makes us lose the summer vibe and connect more with Balteem. If you get tasalokhat, we can always recommend a good doctor!

5. 50 CENT Accessories!

Taking 50 cent to madame Eglal style! The accessories are turning into chains and we’re more intimidated then surprised!

6.Those open cut shirts

If you’re bragging about your muscles, we can understand, but sporting those on your Egyptian kersh is not okay!

7. Color hairspray

We don’t understand the reason why the color hairspray can make guys look cooler abroad, but here in Egypt it gives us shaba7 el mante2a look and turns our hair color from the desired blonde to an orange tone!

Now that you can easily spot these trends, always make sure you’re prepared for new ones. Maybe give that scorpion henna tattoo a try, send us a picture and we will report it right away!

Enjoy the summer guys!