Dating has become one of the hardest things to do nowadays. It’s now easier to find a hidden treasure than to find a good partner.

Hence, online dating.

Because we are so busy with our lives and friends and virtually have no time nor skills to meet new people unless behind a screen.

And one of the most popular and most used online dating platforms in the world is, of course, the application Tinder.

When Tinder was invented, a lot of people, especially girls thought ‘this is it, the search is over, this will help me find the one in a heartbeat.’ And boy were they wrong.

Like anything else in life, humans managed to put a negative spin on Tinder. Needless to say, before long, it became scarier and harder to find a decent guy on Tinder that it is walking down the street.

This is why we are here to help you narrow down the search and filter out the creeps and weirdos before you take the ultimate step and swipe right for a guy.

So here are the 7 types of guys you should NOT swipe right for:

1. The Shirtless Selfie in the Bathroom Mirror Guy

Ugh, you know the type, thinks they are the sexiest man alive for some odd reason and will not back down till they prove it to you. I mean okay, we get it, you have six packs. Is it really necessary to show them to me in the PROFILE PICTURE?

Advice: He is too in love with himself to ever love you, so do you really wanna spend the rest of your life competing with a bathroom mirror? This is a rhetorical question, swipe left NOW!

2. Creepy Old Dude

We are not saying all old guys are creepy, but most old guys on Tinder probable are. Because odds are they are almost ALWAYS older than they say. Their bio will probably say 37 having you thinking ‘maybe a mature guy in his 30s is just what I need’. And it could be except he is really 45. Need I say more? Left, honey, left!


3. The Mystery Wrapped In Nothing

This guy will go out if his way to NOT show you himself. Profile Picture: A dark selfie, a shot of his back, a distant shot of his face behind a ginormous cup of coffee. Bio: Empty! Feel: Like you walked into the bat cave of Tinder accounts.

I mean who are you kidding, buddy? If your 007 highness doesn’t wanna be found on Tinder, then here is a thought; DON’T MAKE TINDER!

4. The Gym Freak

Like ‘shirtless mirror selfie’ guy, the ‘gym\health freak’ only cares to advertise one angle of himself on Tinder, his precious muscles. Hey, it is great to go to the gym and exercise, or so I hear. But what part of working out exactly entails taking a picture of every sit up, squat and push up you ever do? Ugh, seriously guys, who are you kidding? We know you asked your friend to take these pictures while you pretended to ‘lose yourself’ in the workout.

5. The Shameless Womanizer

Okay, the guy is posing with a bunch of girls way out of his league strangling him on TINDER! So either he is not interested in you, or he is a shameless womanizer who is objectifying women and using them to make himself look ‘cool’. One thing we can give to him though is that he is stupidly obvious. So if you swipe right for him, you only have yourself to blame. Didn’t your mother tell you? We only look at bad boys but never swipe right for them.

6. The Proudly Creepy

We all have a dark side, but this guy is embracing his way too much that if you swiped right, you might never see the light again. How to detect him? Spooky profile pictures taken by a webcam in a dark room, gross close-up selfies of his creepy smile showing all his teeth, you know normal serial killer stuff. Bio: of course empty. You move: swipe left, close the application, turn off your wi-fi, turn off your phone, hide it in one of your shoes, turn on all the lights and hug your teddy bear to sleep.

7. Mr. ‘what’s the point of it all?’

Do I really need to introduce this one? The deep supposedly meaningful profile picture, the cynical bio that probably says something like ‘nobody cares, what’s the point, the end is near’, you know the regular apocalyptic stuff. I have a question; if there is no point of life and the end is near because you, apparently, know something we don’t, what on earth are you doing on a DATING APP?

And there you go, now you are ready to take the leap and start swiping! Just remember, it’s a dating app. Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t find the love of your life in there, I mean there’s only so much algorithms can do.