Having a spotless house is a tedious task that is by no means as simple as your mother makes it look. Whether you’re a newly wed, living alone or helping out your mother at the family home, many of us don’t have time nor the interest to make the house sparkle. Since it’s an endless daily struggle, Identity compiled a list of 7 natural housework hacks for people who hate housework:

  • Add white vinegar to hot water and sprinkle some salt. Use this combination to effortlessly remove dirt from your plates, cups or even the carpets. The vinegar itself can work perfectly on cleaning the oven as well.


  • For leather furniture, try the awesome olive oil to give your furniture a flawless look. Just add olive oil to a small piece of cloth, and use gently on the furniture. Et Voila, you have super shiny leather furniture!.


  • Toothpaste can whiten your teeth and your house as well! It can be used to brighten mirrors or house accessories.
  • For dirty wooden or metal furniture, apply some ketchup to a cloth and use it to clean it. This is a superb yet creative method to try; you will definitely love it!



  • Alcohol can be used to eliminate the bad smell from floors and walls; you have the option to utilize it on its own or with added water.
  • Mayonnaise can be used to remove excess dirt on wooden furniture. It may sound odd but some of the Mayo’s components can be used for purposes other than eating.



  • To remove dirt from marble floors, sprinkle some salt on a lemon slice and wipe the floors gently. You can then use water and soap to make your marble look extra amazing.