DIY projects are becoming viral because it’s like turning ashes into beauty. You can turn whatever is old into something useful and decorative. Due to the increase of prices every now and then, it’s only logical to start recycling what you stopped using and turn it into art.

Good news is you don’t have to be an artist to do it, for it’s really simple and here are a few ideas.

Turn a frame into a candle box

All you need is a glue gun, and four frames. Get rid of the back of the frames and stick the frames together with the glue gun to form a cube. Voila!

Turn a garden rake to a kitchen spoon hanger

If you no longer use your garden rake. If it became rustic or started to bend; DO NOT throw it! Clean it very wall, hang it on a kitchen wall and use its snipes as handles for your kitchen utensils.

Wooden ladder into Decorative shelves

You will only need a rustic wood spray, or you can paint it whatever color you like. Add a few wood rack bases to put your stuff on.

Switch a Carton to a Decorative Box

Who doesn’t have a cardbox at their place? No one! and we usually end up throwing it. Now stop throwing it and start transforming it into this useful and good looking box.

Rustic glass-wood window into a photophrame

Get this rustic window as it is and instead of throwing it away, decorate your plain wall with it by adding pictures to it as it’s shown above. Keep your memories in front of you.

Turn a frame onto a dry-erase board

Get colorful or patterned paper put it inside any frame and BAM you got yourself a colorful dry-erase board. Use your dry-erase markers to write your to-do list or grocery shopping list on them!

There are two ways to turn old towels to bath mats


Stop throwing things that can turn your home into a masterpiece. Recycling your very own home clutter will save you a lot of money, and will always give you something artistic to do. If you have kids, they can help you with this, for in a way these are crafts.