1-The Great Gatsby

Let’s travel back to the 1920’s yet still feel incredibly contemporary; this film is an amazing immersive experience.
-The light breeze blowing through the wide-open fascinating French doors and windows, accentuate the cheerfulness of the airy living room.

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Don’t you just love the vibrant colours enhancing this room’s bohemian style?

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This art deco room designed for the set by Catherine Martin will be appreciated by modern design lovers.

Did you recognize the dressing room upstairs?


2– American Hustle

The glam “70’s style” of ‘American hustle’s interiors are very notable and different.
Sydney’s apartment: a very sleek and sophisticated apartment of a cool woman.
The set was stylish with vintage parquet tiles and neutral grass fabric walls.

Who wouldn’t love having a kitchen like that?

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The room with the custom design fabric wall.

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The velvet dark orange fabric harmonizes with the stones, wallpaper and the flooring of this casual living room.

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3- Her

Wouldn’t you love having a futuristic style house; a wonderful glass apartment where you can see the urban center?
The locations of the filming were chosen according to their view rather than their interior design or architecture.
Don’t forget to check the lighting fixtures in his room.



4-Broken Embraces

“Broken Embraces” is another movie whose sets have caught my attention with their colourful pop art and art deco design.

The colour combination of the red, warm yellow, pastel blue is classic sixties. The contemporary floral pillows made it completely lively and amazing.

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5-Midnight in Paris

The classic French mix of the beige walls, the parquet flooring, the Louis XIV seat and the fire place is beautiful. Don’t you just love how old yet beautiful it looks?










6– Hitchcock

We would all love to have such a living room, as most of us nowadays feel overwhelmed by clutter. Back in the mid century people didn’t have as much stuff; it was an unmatched  period when furniture design was simple yet sophisticated. When we look at a space like this, light and airy with sleek well-designed furniture; it just seems so enticing.

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7- Belle

In the second half of 18th century France, during Louis XV reign, the so-called Louis XV (rococo) style dominated Europe ( its impact is still very strong, particularly in “glamour style” interiors).

-We still use these seats today but we need to learn how to place them correctly. (Examine the wallpaper and take a closer look at the fantastic embroidered fabrics and colours in the photos below).

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