I’m not trying to be offensive here. Some of you are truly talented individuals; others just create opportunities for themselves out of thin air. 
I did one or two of these so-called jobs myself, so let’s see  how many you’ve tried.

1. Photographers

Buying a Nikon/Canon camera NEVER meant you should be a professional photographer.. mesh kol men hab w dab haye3mely Watermark 3al sowar!


2. DJs

Count the number of friends working as DEEJEEs. I bet that no one has less than five amongst his friends.


3. Fashion Bloggers aka FASHIONISTA

Dressing bizzarely doesn’t qualify you to be a Fashionista,, ay bent tekhosh Zara tegeeb lebs hippie mesh laye2 3ala ba3d ba2et FASHIONISTA !


4. Fitness Coach

Besides the fact that this year almost every guy I know was too well built w labes cut 3al ba7r fe Marassi w dahen nafso zeit, let’s say, around 50% of those became fitness coaches w fata7o gym. Why?? What are your qualifications for this job? “tala3t maganes”?

w msh fekret bas maganes .. fekret en anyone who is fit /athletic, thinks he can coach others and literally make a fortune out of it.


5. Models

Getting paid for a photoshoot or posing doesn’t make you a model ya 7elwa.



6. Online Pages for Accessories and Food

Go to China or to any outlet, buy cheap accessories,  learn how to create a page on Facebook “Sawsan’s Accessories” and start your brilliant innovative career.

As for bakery, kol el banat ba2et fakra nafsaha el chef Hassan beta3 el 7alaweyat



7. Make-up Artists

Girls think that koun 3andohom branded make up products give them the right to practice 3ala wesh so7abhom! They create an instagram account and a facebook page and call it “Make up by Sawsan” la2 ya Sawsan enty mesh make-up artist.