2018 was an eventful year all around and the love front was no exception. 2018 witnessed several marriages, engagements and even a few births.

So as the year winds down, we thought we’d look back on all the young love that filled the air in the past 12 months. Maybe this way we can end 2018 and start 2019 on a positive note.

So here is a list of celebrity couples whose love thrived throughout the year. 

Amr Diab & Dina El-Sherbiny


Although this power couple has been the talk of the town -and by town, we mean social media- since late 2017, this year Dina and Al-Hadaba got people talking about them, even more, after they appeared together in several occasions. Amr Diab brought Dina up on stage in one of his concerts to sing her “Borg El 7out” in front of his audience.

Kinda Alloush & Amr Youssef


This dream couple stole our hearts and our social media newsfeeds when they got married back in 2017. However, 2018 was also a big year for the couple. It was the year they became a family after welcoming to the world their lovely daughter “Hayat Amr Youssef” in November 2018.

Ahmed Falawkas & Hana Shiha

2018After being the subject of several rumors, the happy couple surprised us all when they announced their marriage last October. The bride, Hana, shared on her Instagram several beautiful pictures of the cozy ceremony that only included their family and close friends.

Hana El Zahed & Ahmed Fahmy


2018 witnessed another surprise celebration of yet another cute and happy couple. Hana El Zahed and Ahmed Fahmy exchanged rings and laughs from the heart while surrounded by close family and friends in a beautiful and cozy engagement party last August.

Shery Adel & Moez Masoud

Religious preacher Moez Masoud and his new wife Shery Adel are known for being very private about their marriage. So no one knows much about their relationship ever since they announced their surprising marriage back in July. We only know that they met thanks to the TV series “Al Seham Al Marekah” that Moez produced and Shery starred in. We also know that they do look really happy together so we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

Ahmed El Fishawy & Nada El-Kamel


The young star married his then-fiancee Nada Kamel earlier this year in complete secrecy. However, the devoted husband Fishawy shared the news of their marriage in a very unique way by sharing a picture on his Instagram of Nada walking around a mall captioned “My wife”.

Mohamed Emam & Nouran Talaat


Mohamed Emam the son of the world-class comedian Adel Emam tied the knot with his brand new wife Nouran Talaat in a beach-side cozy wedding ceremony where the “Hadaba” himself Amr Diab sang. According to the pictures Mohamed Emam shared on his Instagram, it’s safe to say that it was an amazing night where everyone celebrated the young happy couple.

Ah, young love. As we wrap up the year, we wish these young couples all the happiness and hope 2019 brings them nothing but even more love and bliss.

As for all of you, young lovers out there, tell us in the comments what love adventures did 2018 hold for you? 

Oh, and Happy New Year!