Every single year, mums have a hard time just putting together the Iftar menu for the first week of Ramadan. The struggle is real,  aiming for the most creative and delicious meals for their families. Tough times!

But this Ramadan, Identity’s got mums’ backs with a fail-proof first week menu. Follow this list and your family will love you forever. (of course, they already do)

#1: Duck Meat, Rokak, and Mahshy

This one is a ritual to almost every Egyptian family. Ramadan wouldn’t be Ramadan without duck meat, rokak and mahshy! Soup and combination of veggies salad are a given.

#2: Hamam and Molokheya

The absolute favorite of most people, because who in his sane right mind wouldn’t love hamam? These can be prepared with fereek or white rice, in addition to pickled carrots and cucumber. Quite a meal!

#3: Negresco, Chicken Pane, and Fries

No one can say no to this combo next to chicken cream soup, mozzarella sticks, and potato salad. Probably the whole family will need a nap to recover from this crime.

#4: Piccata with Rice

Meat is needed for a change. Mushroom cream soup with piccata and rice, next to a huge bowl of salad and a variety of pickles. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this meal?

#5: White Sauce Pasta, Fries and Chicken

If you can ace white sauce pasta with cheese all over, then you are literally the best mum alive. Start with chicken cream soup, add a bit of cheese on the pasta, chicken, fried potatoes, and mozzarella sticks. Now you can literally open your own restaurant!

#6: Turkey and Roz bel Khalta

Of course, a yummy tomato soup along with a collection of salads is a must next to this beast. But don’t forget to slice the turkey, otherwise, someone might get killed in the process!

#7: Vine Leaves (Mahshy Wara2 3enab)

The amazing vine leaves with yogurt salad, chicken pane and mushroom quiche. Enjoy these but don’t forget to leave room for dessert!

Nothing can ever beat this list!