By: Reem Hussein

For all of you pet lovers out there, here’s why pets can make our hearts burst!

“My cat Leo is one of the best things that happened to me. Whenever my mum travels and takes him with her, I call her to check up on him. Once, on the way to my friend’s birthday party, I found out that Leo was sick. I had to ask my friend to stop the car and I walked all the way back home.” – D. K

“When I stay out for too long, I feel bad for my pet. I need to go back home to check on my cat. I can’t be away for too long with my friends.” – F. H

“I have 10 cats; they’re all stray cats. I pick them up from the streets and take them to get vaccinated. They’re family to me; I don’t consider them just pets. When I introduce myself to people, I always include them in my family.” – M.

“My best friend has 4 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, a fish and a turtle. The first time she got a dog, she started ignoring every single person in her life, not even picking up when we call her. She even named her pets after the names of cartoon characters.” – S. A

“My friend can’t get enough of one dog; she is planning to open a shelter soon because for one thing, dogs are more important than people.” – J. S

“My friend has a small crocodile that she kept in a big glass box. When it grew up, she had to let it go. She used to speak to it; this crocodile probably knew all her secrets! Once it got a skin infection, she kept crying and taking it to the vet.” – D. A

“I used to be a dog person; I only became a cat person coincidently. Now I have 3 cats. I introduce them as my best friends to my friends; they give me unconditional love like the love of a mother or a sister. They wait for me when I get home from work or when I shower. Recently as I grew older, I realized there’s always a reason behind people’s love towards you but animals? It’s unconditional. You can make a pet out of
anything. In Ethopia, someone took a hyena as a pet!” – A.H

Apparently, being anti-social for the sake of our pets is always valid. Pets not only keep us company, but they’re truly family members and best friends.